Customized Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts

With the Christmas festival around the corner, Christmas gifts seem to be flocking in large numbers in the markets. Every shop seems to be in competition with other in the number of gifts and the variety of gifts being sold. Similarly, customers also begin to get puzzled up in such huge variety of Christmas gifts. Though every gift has something or the other unique in it, expressing warm greetings, customized homemade gifts are something unusual. These are especially loved by parents and grandparents, because they appreciate and understand the time, attention, and love that went in to making the gift.

A home made Christmas gift has ample scope of creativity and innovation associated with it, the more you are passionate towards designing it, the more they seem to look beautiful and attractive. A hand made photo frame designed especially for your loved ones can be a beautiful piece of gift. Generally metallic frames are preferred these days, but a wooden frame carved out of a specially chosen wooden piece by you is much above those manufactured ones. You can even apply some coat with a nice stain colour to it or leave it intact to retain its natural wooden look.

Afterwards cover it with a few coats of clear sealant. It acts like an adhesive as soon as it dries up on which the picture or a nice quotation on a glaze paper can be fixed to it neatly. However care should be taken so that no air voids remain while fixing it on the adhesive. This will prevent from giving any shabby look to your frame. After the whole thing has dried up, then cover the entire thing with another few coats of clear sealant or finish.

Being innovative, you can even create a collage containing a collection of family pictures arranged in some pattern in place of a single picture. Afterwards fix a stand at the back of frame or provide a wall hanging provision.

Another creation can be ornament pictures. Here you'll make Christmas tree ornaments out of your pictures. Just buy some flat, light weight wood pieces at a craft store or by some plywood and cut it into the shapes and sizes you want. You can then fix small size pictures on it or even colour them before fixing on the structure. This gives them a "frame" of their own within the shape of the ornament. Lastly give a small hole on top of wooden piece and thread a matching colourful ribbon to it.